Choosing the Right General Contractor for the Job

Choosing the Right General Contractor for the Job

May 17, 2023

We can all agree, the key to a successful project is hiring the right general contracting provider. Whether you need a simple upgrade, complex remodel or new building from the ground up, it’s crucial that you hire a general contracting provider with an impeccable reputation. There may be an abundance of general contractors in your area, most of which will do a great job, but it is still imperative to perform your due diligence so as to eliminate the possibility of making a bad decision.  

You need to understand that your contractor mostly determines if you get a well-done job or an expensive disaster. That said, in this article, we will discuss some key tips on how to choose a general contracting provider thereby increasing the probability of a successful project.  

1. Create a List of the Prospects

The first step to choosing a general contracting provider is determining your exact project scope of work and project expectations.  It is also helpful to consider what is not necessary.  Once this is completed, you are ready to create a list of prospective contractors.

2. Ask for References

Take the time to contact each contractor and ask for references.  Any credible general contractor will be willing to provide such a list.  Make sure you have a list of well-detailed questions for each, and be prepared to take notes as a variety of topics will arise that you may have not yet considered.  A contractor with a long list of repeat clients often indicates that you are dealing with a reliable firm with integrity. Ask the contractor if you may contact some of these clients as well, and, of course, prepare a list of questions for them too.  

3. Consider the Contractor’s Experience

It’s always advisable that you work with a contractor who has specialized expertise in a variety of markets.  Be sure to inquire as to how long the contractor has been working in these specific markets.  Ask if the general contractor uses subcontractors primarily, or if they have in-house expertise to perform various aspects of the work.  Having in-house technicians and tradesmen can result in reduced costs and greater control over the project schedule and quality.  Whether you are seeking a residential or commercial contractor, it is essential that they have the proper licensing credentials.  

4. Verify the Level of Expertise and Settle for the Ideal Contractor

Once you have spoken to all prospects and done your research well, you need to verify this information further. You can invite them to your construction site and have a one-on-one interview with them. Such meetings give you the opportune time to verify their insurance and licenses as well as to get a good feel if the relationship will be the proper fit.  It is also advisable to contact the licensing municipalities and insurance carrier for verification.  Also ask for a list of several completed projects and go have a look for yourself.  

5. Communication

Ongoing open and honest dialogue can make or break a construction project.  Find out the philosophy of the contractor and processes used regarding open communication.  Let them know that you would welcome, and in fact expect weekly updates to discuss the schedule, project progress, concerns and general updates.  Keep in mind that as the owner, you will be called upon to make decisions and provide guidance along the way.  Open and effective communication always results in a much improved job.  

6. Sign a Written Contract

Now that you have chosen the ideal general contracting provider for your project, it’s time to get the written terms of the project. Specify the exact scope of work that you expect as well as the schedule and bid including the fee.  The scope of work and schedule will become part of the contract.  Also detail in writing how change orders are identified, documented, priced and approved.  

In Summary

It is possible that your construction project will be one of the largest investments that you will ever make in your life.  The above-mentioned guidelines will help to ensure that you choose a general contractor with the industry expertise, experience, credibility and integrity that you deserve.  In Rocky Mountain, West Region, KTK General Contracting Limited is on the top of the list. KTK has earned an impeccable reputation in the region. Whether you need a small remodel or a new commercial building, KTK has your contracting needs covered.

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